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Rachel Morris

Senior Sales Associate

Welcome to Consonance Technologies!

Everything in concert.

Strike a Chord

Tune in ​ to Your Data

The terms form a structural dichotomy in which they define each other by mutual exclusion—a consonance is what is not dissonant, and a dissonance is what is not consonant.

Build Greater Affinity

Most historical definitions of consonance and dissonance since about the 16th century have stressed their pleasant/unpleasant, or agreeable/disagreeable character.

Unify Talent + Culture

While consonance and dissonance exist only between sounds and therefore necessarily describe intervals (or chords), such as the perfect intervals, which are often viewed as consonant.

“Consonance is ​ our best partner. Our sales grew ​ in harmony with our business.”

—Viktor sing

Chief Revenue Officer

A unified platform

Targeted Growth Model






A​ → Partner with Consonance
B → Attract new leads
C​ → Sell more
D​ → Grow existing leads
E​ → Finish strong

Why choose consonance technologies

Harness extensive affinities with our productivity platform.

→ Keep the conversation uniquely in concert with your customers.

→ Consonance is associated with consistency, pleasantness, and acceptability.

Stay continuously in harmony with your data at all times.

Reduce the time from lead generation to closed deals.

Proposal Options



without consonance

with consonance

Basics Bundle

+ up to 10K users

+ 1 Additional Sandbox



Growth Bundle

+ up to 12K users

+ 1 Additional Sandbox
+ Multichannel Studio



Enterprise Bundle

+ up to 15K users
+ 1 Additional Sandbox
+ Multichannel Studio
+ 2 Resources



Customer Service Add-on

+ up to 15K users



Annual Difference

$10,599 / yr

$9,099 / yr

Sales proposal from Consonance Technologies, Inc.
Prepared for Partner Client on 15 January 2020.